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The high-tech location in the north of Dresden

The nanoelectronics centre in the Dresden Technology Centre complex is a prominent location in the heart of the Dresden electronics industry, especially for developers and manufacturers, but also for suppliers and service providers in the nano and microelectronics sectors. Being in the heart of the Dresden electronic industry means being right in the neighbourhood and shoulder to shoulder with the leading lights of the semiconductor industry, but also with scientific institutions acting as continuously bubbling wells of creativity for further development. It is also a prominent location due to optimum transport connections via Dresden Airport (around 5 minutes), motorway connections (around 8 minutes) and the suburban rail network and Dresden bus services. The collection of buildings is also in the immediate vicinity of the ZMDI/X-FAB semiconductor producer and various Fraunhofer Institutes. The construction project will be promoted by the Free State of Saxony as part of the joint effort - improving the regional economic structure.

tailor-made offers for technology companies

As a tenant of the Nanocenter you will be given quotations for rooms and room fittings tailor-made to your company-specific requirements. You will be given specialist service to match your company activities. You deal with your company, we will deal with your working surroundings.

  • reception service and security service
  • conference and seminar rooms
  • industry-specific services
  • modern infrastructure with up-to-date communication facilities
Company founders will be supported in all matters relating to founding preparation, financing including subsidy and incentive programs and implementation of business plans. We can help growing companies by solving questions such as finance, area expansion, personnel expansion, logistics and staff and management qualification. We can also offer first-class contacts to scientific institutions in the region for your product development.